The Glendive Recreation Department is funded by the City of Glendive through taxes and user fees.


Recreation Director: Jacquie Silbernagel

Assistant Director: Stacy Dey

Recreation Committee Members: Chairman Mike Dryden, Vice Chairman Rhett Coon, Gerald Reichert, Avis Anderson, and Mayor Jerry Jimison.

The Glendive Recreation Department serves the citizens of Glendive, MT with year round leisure activities.  

The Department has been in existence since 1970 and maintains the philosophy that leisure activities play a key role in the high quality of life for children, parents and the community.  

To ensure this ideal there are three main areas targeted: 

1.  Enhance and encourage healthy lifestyles for residents through quality leisure activities.

 2.  Provide youth with alternatives that develop their emotional, physical, social and educational well being.

 3.  Promote economic development through recreation events and activities.

Staffing includes a full time director and full time assistant.  Many part-time employees are used through out the year to staff the pools, referee games, teach activities and over see programs.

Youth programs run by the Department:  swim lessons, volleyball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, arts and crafts, tee ball, track and field, etc…

 Adult programs run by the Department:  basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming, and tournaments.