Recreation Equipment Rental


Any broken or damaged equipment will be replaced by user with a comparable subsitute or a percentage of the cost it will take to replace item. Equipment must be returned by 9 am on the due date or user will pay a late fee pro-rated on time of return.

A new option for learning how-to cross-country ski!

We are offering Introduction Packages.  Included in the package is a 30 - 60 minute "How-to" small introduction instruction and a Weekend (3 Day) rental!  Stop down and schedule a package! Large range of age and size availability. 
Introduction Packages Cost:  $25.00/Person

Intro packages and rentals are subject to cancel (not operate) due to weather, temperature and snow conditions for the safety for everyone.  Dates and times will depend on volunteer coach's availability. 
 Max 10 person limit per 30-60 minutes group. 


The Glendive Recreation Department has equipment available for rent including: horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, frisbee, and softball equipment. A deposit is required at the time of pick up. It's a good idea to reserve picnic kits ahead of time for weekends.

Volleyball/Badminton Kit (balls/birdies, standards, net):

                   City rates-- $3.00 (daily), $5.00 (weekend)

             Non-city rates--$5.00 (daily), $7.00 (weekend)

Picnic Kit (Assortment of your choice):

                    City rates-- $5.00 (daily), $8.00 (weekend)

                   Non-city-- $7.00 (daily), $10.00 (weekend)

Single Items:

                    City rates-- $1.00 (daily), $3.00 (weekend)

            Non-city rates-- $2.00 (daily), $4.00 (weekend)

If you have any Badminton Equipment or Croquet Sets (which are in good condition) that you are wanting to donate, please stop down at the Recreation Department.


Cross Country Skiing

The Rec Department also has Cross Country Ski equipment available for rent.  Everyone in your party must come into the Rec Center in order to be properly fitted.

Rental rates for skis, boot, and poles are as follows:

Non- City Residents   

                        Adult         *Student        Youth  
 1/2 Day          $7.00           $6.00            $5.00 
Full Day          $10.00         $9.00            $8.00
Weekend         $15.00         $14.00          $13.00
Week Rate      $32.00         $30.00          $28.00  

 City Residents

                       Adult          *Student          Youth  
 1/2 Day          $5.00           $4.00             $3.00 
Full Day          $7.00            $6.00             $5.00
Weekend         $11.00          $10.00            $9.00
Week Rate      $27.00          $25.00            $23.00  


* Students are considered grades 7-12.      

Ice Skate Rental

Glendive Recreation Department now has Ice Skating Equipment available to rent. Everyone in your party must be present to rent ice skates and to be fitted.

City Residents

                     Adult          *Student       Youth
1/2 Day        $8.00            $6.00           $4.00
Full Day       $10.00          $8.00           $6.00
Weekend      $15.00          $13.00          $11.00
Week Rate    $32.00          $30.00         $28.00

Non-City Residents

                          Adult          *Student        Youth
 1/2 Day           $10.00          $8.00             $6.00
Full Day           $13.00          $11.00            $9.00
Weekend          $19.00         $17.00             $15.00
Week Rate 
      $37.00         $35.00            $33.00

*Students are considered grades 7-12