2022 Tennis Program

Registrations begin on Wed, June 1, 2022. 

 Instructor:  Milia Lucido and

All classes are held at the Lloyd Square Park courts.

Dates and Times are subject to change. 


                                                                   Session 1                           Session 2                         Session 3

                                   Time:                June 7 - June 25                     July 6 - July 23                     July 26 - August 6      

                                 8:30-9:15am     Intermediate Tennis          Advanced Tennis            Advanced Tennis  

                                9:30-10:15am     Beginner Tennis               Intermediate Tennis        Intermeidate Tennis

                               10:30-11:15am     Beginner Tennis               Beginner Tennis              Beginner Tennis    

                               11:30am-NOON   Short Tennis (MWF)          Short Tennis (MWF)        Short Tennis (M-F)  

SHORT TENNIS: Ages 3-5 only

This is an excellent way to introduce the basics of tennis. Activities will be geared to their present level of development, and students will be progressively encouraged to improve. Class size is limited to 8 participants. 

Cost: $20/City,  $30/Non-city


 NATIONAL JUNIOR TENNIS LEAGUE:  In cooperation with the United States Tennis Association, youngsters ages 6 and up will learn the skills of a lifetime sport in a n environment of teamwork, fun and low-key competition. Participants will be instructed in sportsmanship, healthy attitude towards competition, and gain a solid foundation in skill development.

 Beginner:        for children under 10 who have had very little contact with the sport of tennis.

Intermediate: for anyone 10 and up who has had previous tennis instruction and is familiar with how the game is played.

Advanced:     for those who have completed the Intermediate class.

 Classes meet every day Monday through Friday (unless otherwise noted).

                                Cost:    Sessions 1-2   $30/City,  $48/ Non-city

                                         Session 3       $20/City,  $32/ Non-city