The Glendive Recreation Department is funded by the City of Glendive through taxes and user fees.


Recreation Director: Dean Svenvold

Asst. Recreation Director: Lacey Doan

Recreation Committee Members: Chairman Mike Dryden, Vice Chairman Rhett Coon, Gerald Reichert, Kevin Pena,

                                                and Mayor Jerry Jimison.



The Recreation Department is responsible for the recreation of the community.

We are responsible for planning, organizing and directing these activities.

We offer a variety of jobs. The jobs we offer are seasonal and include: lifeguards, swimming instructors, pool cashiers, summer program leaders, soccer and basketball referees, open gym supervisor, etc.

During the summer, we manage the swimming pool and offer different activities for children such as: arts & crafts, basketball, volleyball, kickball, park tot time, gymnastics and T-ball. We sponsor the Hershey’s Track Meet in May each year.

In the fall and winter we offer  youth soccer (ages 4 - 14), youth volleyball (4th & 5th grade) and Utah Jazz basketball (3rd & 4th grade).

We also focus on recreation for the adults in the community. Our adult programs include: co-ed volleyball, co-ed softball, women’s volleyball, leisure league volleyball, women’s basketball, men’s fast break basketball and men’s over the hill basketball.

During the winter, we extend our hours and are open on Saturday and Sunday. During this time, kids and parents can enjoy a variety of activities such as:  basketball and ping-pong.