May 30:    Starting May 30, registration for ALL summer programming begins. (swimming lessons, pool passes, tennis lessons, & park program)


June 7: Tentative opening day for the swimming pool.

June 9:  Registration for 4 vs. 4 Co-Ed Sand Volleyball League is due. 

June 12-June 30: Session 1 for tennis lessons.

June 19-June 30: Session 1 for swimming lessons (infant, preschool, & levels 1 and 1b).

June 19-July 7: Session 1 for swimming lessons (levels 2-6).

June 27-28: Wet Devils Swim Meet


July 3-21: Session 2 tennis lessons.

July 13-24: Session 2 for swimming lessons (infant, preschool, & levels 1 and 1b).

July 13-July 31: Session 2 for swimming lessons (levels 2+).

July 17-August 11: Registration for fall youth soccer begins.

July 17: Registration due for Fearsome Four Grass Volleyball Tournament due. 

July 25:  Fearsome Four Grass Volleyball Tournament.

July 24: Registration for Hoole Tennis Tournament due.

July 24-Aug. 4: Session 3 for tennis lessons.


August 1-2: Hoole Youth Tennis Tournament.

August 7-11: British Soccer Camp at Whipkey Park.

August 11: Final day to sign up for fall youth soccer.

August 22: Tentative closing day for the swimming pool.